The world of Ebberon has changed greatly. After many years of peace and trade the Humans, as they always do, got selfish, and wanted more land, and they knew just where to go to get it. The People of Sharn launched a small assault on the plains where the Halflings resided. It was supposed to be an easy victory; the Halflings had no military, and were very spread out along the massive plains, but what the Humans did not expect was how quickly the Halflings organized and how many of the small people would come to arms to protect their home. The Halflings just barely managed fight off the assault, but that is not the end of this story.

The war between the Halflings and the Humans lasted fifty intense years. It was a non-stop back and forth for twenty-five years, until a leader rose among the Halflings. His name is now unknown for in all the records of the war he is referred to as the Halfking. He led a relentless assault on Sharn from the back of his winged blink dog followed by a fleet of airships. The entire city was almost completely decimated, and only a village with a wall and a gate was left.

It is two-hundred years later in a place called Iral , the fortress-city built by the Halfking. In the absence of Sharn it has become the epicenter of trade and diplomacy.

A Different World